"I have had the pleasure of working with Elevations Landscaping for the past 5 years. As a property manager, I am always looking for contractors that make my life easier and Elevations Landscaping has done just that! A few years ago, a Condo Association that I manage hired Elevations to do their landscaping and snow removal. The property was starting to look a little run down aesthetically and we were promised that Elevations Landscaping would pick it up and that is exactly what they did almost immediately! With their artistic touch and plans of saving the community's dry river and working with us on plans for other additions, the owners in the community have applauded the work of Elevations Landscaping at their association meetings. Keep up the good work!"


David C.

Senior Licensed Community Association Manager

"I have had experience with Elevations Landscaping for over 10 years, and counting. With Elevations Landscaping as the landscape/snow contractor that services my communities I am confident that I will be provided Great Service, Creative and Beautiful Landscape Design, Prompt and Efficient Snow Removal, and most of all EXCELLENT Communication. I really appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having Elevations Landscaping as a contractor and hope to be working with them for years to come."


Kristin W.

Senior Portfolio Manager

"We thank you for your professionalism with working with our Association/community. We are so very proud of our community and we want it to look spectacular! Elevations Landscaping certain aided with this goal!"



Board Member

"One of the most challenging tasks for a homeowner’s association board is finding quality service providers that fit within ever tightening budget constraints. While price is always a consideration, quality is equally important. In 2015, we moved our landscaping and snow removal contracts to Elevations Landscaping and have been very pleased with the change. Elevations’ quality of work, price-conscious landscape designs and customer service is much appreciated. The company quickly responds to correct any problems and confirms we’re happy with the resolution, whether it’s related to mowing, snow removal or landscape work. Elevations is the best choice we could have made!"


Reflections Townhomes, Aurora Il

Board of Directors

"I wanted to again thank you for the professionalism you showed in handling my concerns. Although I am not a direct customer of your company, I have seen the great work that you have provided to our large subdivision. When the unfortunate incident occurred of a rock getting thrown from a mower and cracking one of my home's windows, I thought I was going to have to have a difficult phone conversation and struggle to get your company to take ownership - I was completely wrong in my thinking!

Not only were you willing to take care of the issue, the professionalism you showed and your prompt attention and return of my call was truly amazing! The interaction restored my faith that there are honest people out there and if you treat them fairly, they will be fair in return.

It is good to know that there are still honest and reasonable people to deal with! I think your willingness to handle such a small claim with great attention goes a long way to say how you would treat customers and clients on larger engagements. If you go above and beyond for a small item, I can only imagine the effort and dedication that you put into the larger engagements. I commend you for running your business this way - treating all customers fairly!

I am definitely an advocate of the great work you do throughout the subdivision and the manner in which you run your business. Keep up the great work!"


Keith L.